you wrote a script… are you therefore the person to direct it ?

Do you really think that just because you can write a script means you can direct a movie ??? Sorry.. but you’re dead wrong. A good director can see the entire story in their head, and know where to cut, rework, modify, and simply dump material and story to get a solid commercial film made on budget and on time based on a brilliant script. They need to know how everything works on set, how to cast, how to manage actors, how to pull the best from actors. When to take that extra take or walk away with what you’ve got, How to push each actor in their own way to get them to where the director needs them to be. A good director needs to no how lighting works, how fast grip and electric can get something done, how to physically create what is on the page and do it within time and budget allowed, or how to work around a bad situation… A good Director needs to understand how cameras work, they need to be able to select a good DP and work within a team environment. A Director needs to know which lenses do what, how to take the massive amount of information and technical details and get an emotional story “in the can”. Even then , their work doesn’t stop. They now have to work with a skilled editor to create and polish that emotional story with pacing, timing, selection of footage, the right look and reaction in the right place, the sound design, selection of music, working with a composer, understanding how music affects the audience and how to get the audience to the correct emotional point in the story without hitting them over the head. THEN, the director has to sit in the dubstage and work with the re-recording engineers , understanding the basics at least of mixing a feature, and get all the pieces to finally come together. All the time dealing with Executive producers, producers, product placement issues, crew issues, actor issues and overall project issues. A good director is a strong leader one second and a team member the next. They are both artistic and business driven… A brilliant writer does NOT make for a good director. It takes all these skills to make a good director. If you can do all of these things, then you can direct.