Want to “pre-sell” your movie idea ?

Want to “pre-sell” your movie idea ? You need the right marketing materials. Pre-sales is, based on the script and cast, selling the right to distribute a film in different territories before the film is completed. If you do not have NAME marquee quality names in your film ( names that are actual box office draws ) Then you need to sell on the story. In order to sell the story you need a few items: The TITLE: A short catchy interesting play on words that sells the movie. The TAGLINE: A simple SINGLE sentence that can be used for marketing on the poster and other areas. The LOGLINE: One or two sentences that delivers the ENTIRE plot and boils down the essential dramatic narrative without using names of the characters. The SYNOPSIS: A one or two paragraph overview of the primary story with a hint of the secondary plot lines, characters, comedy, conflict, goals and consequences. The BUDGET: a basic simply planned budget number to give the distributor an idea of the production value of the movie. If you’re shooting a low/no budget you have to sell the production value in other ways. A WEBSITE: Keep it simple and to the point. Use photos of planned locations, show some test shots, some production stills if you have them, background of the key personnel. This is a place to help sell the PRODUCTION VALUE of your project. And finally the most import pre-sales marketing tool you can provide…. THE POSTER… A REAL HOLLYWOOD STYLE MOVIE POSTER created by you and a REAL MOVIE POSTER COMPANY is essential to pre-sell… The poster has to look like you’re making a $2M dollar movie, even if you are making a $200 movie. Don’t skimp here. A good poster will probably cost in the area of $2K to $5K. But you can pre-sell a movie on the poster alone, so this is NOT the place to go half-way. Do this right and IF you have a solid marketable commercial story you stand a good chance of the Pre-sell.