Sound for Picture? why bother…. well , here’s why!

Sound for Picture? why bother…. well , here’s why!

Have you ever wondered if assuring your projects sounds as good as it looks is worth it?

1.  ”Audio is the single most important technical factor governing viewer retention.” – A quote directly from DISCOVERY CHANNEL PRODUCERS

2. bad video edits or color correction, etc. are not nearly as influential in keeping a viewer tuned to a program as are bad audio edits, compression or EQ.

3. For every 1 viewer that takes the time to write and complain, nearly 1000 simply switch the channel.

4. It is a common belief among some Producers that a hotter mix creates a more positive viewer response. All research indicates that this is not true.  A good Mix makes a good viewing response. NOT a loud mix.

5. ”Sound is 50% of the movie”  – Steven Spielberg


Good Professional Sound is not just a requirement, its hyper critical to the success of your project!!!!        Not only does it need to pass Quality Control for distributors, and networks,   it has to keep the audience invested in your project. They have to be drawn in and stay connected. If your audience has to work hard to hear your actors, or the music is too loud, or the level changes from scene to scene, or the noise and bad audio begins to grate on the viewer…. they will check out…   Don’t let this happen to your project.   Make sure you plan from pre-production to delivery, a quality sound team and quality creation and delivery.

Spend as much time, energy and money on sound as you do on picture and you’ll have a project that is 10 times as good!