So you wrote a screenplay, now what…

So you wrote a screenplay, now what. Here are your next steps to get it really ready.

Let me preface that I normally write a script to produce, not to Option. But with either end result… Here’s what I do.   FIRST REGISTER IT WITH THE WGA and when you are done with all these steps, update the registration and send it for a COPYRIGHT.

Ok, so your screenplay is done, right?   wrong… screenplays don’t get written, they get re-written over and over…

You DO NOT have to do ALL of tese steps, but they are all good ideas to help you get your script REALLY ready.



1. send my script to 3 people I trust and have them read it and provide comments….
2. I then re-write…
3. I take my name OFF the screenplay and send it to a coverage writer. ( you can find really good ones in NY, LA, and other cities). I send it to them as a “producer” an get a nice coverage doc.
4. I either hire them as, a work for hire, ghost writer, or I take there notes and rewrite once again.
5. THEN, I hire a WGA writer to do one re-write…. I make sure it’s someone who has a professional track record and i’ve read their work.
6. I take THAT version and re-write again.
7. NOW, I have a script that is probably ready.
8. I bring in friends and/or actors and do a table read of the script. I record the table read, I listen quietly while its going on, and I take notes. I ask opinions, ideas, comments from the people doing the read.
9. I re-write one last time.
10. I have a script that is now ready to OPTION, or PRODUCE.