Georgia Hilton MPSE CAS MPE 917.279.4413,


Highest clearance: Top Secret, Nuclear – US NAVY, Union and Non-Union projects



Motion Picture Editor’s Guild (Picture Editor), Motion Picture Sound Editors guild (Board Member),

Cinema Audio Society


Home Location:

New York City and Central FL private studios with full post production capability available. Additional, I

own a 40′ Class A RV with full production office and location post services on board allowing me to work

on location during production. Happy to travel worldwide.



Along with being a top notch story teller, I am an excellent and very fast editor. I have the ability to help

develop story lines and story arc from both raw footage (Reality) and planned productions/scripts (feature

films). Along with these qualities I can offer an integrated wholistic approach to story telling by editing both

picture and sound, and working both of these into a higher quality, well flowing story and product.

I’ve been doing sound editing, sound design, dialogue editorial, music editing, prep for mix, and rerecording

in my 5.1 room and in various Dub Stages in New York City, Hollywood, Orlando FL and in the

EU and Singapore since the late 1980’s. I have also designed and built a number of broadcast and film

facilities around the world. I primarily utilize Protools HD and Soundminer with a myriad of third party

plugins and tools for sound design and editing. My preferred re-recording/mixing console is the Euphonix

System 5, but I can work on all the high level main stream consoles. I also have a 5.1 calibrated mixing

room in my studio in Central Florida that I use for broadcast and film projects that do not have the budget

to mix on a dub stage.

I have been performing picture editorial since the mid 1990’s ranging from small indie short film projects

to full on feature film “studio” projects. Additionally I edit broadcast and multimedia projects for private

individuals, companies and government agencies such as the DOJ, DEA, Department of Defense and

others. I primarily utilize Premier and After Effects for picture editing, but I started on AVID and and

completely comfortable in FCP as well.

Along with my expertise in both sound and picture editing I have been doing visual effects, motion

graphics, and 3D CGI work for short and feature length projects. I utilize Cinema4D, After Effects,

Turbulence FD, Real Flow, X-Particles with many high end plugins and additional software for CGI, VFX,

set extensions, 3d modeling, plant modeling and creation, water, fire, explosions, and general dynamics

and physics modeling.


A few recommendations


“Georgia is a talented film professional and very inspiring to work with. Her ability to galvanize a team and push

forward through the most difficult and arduous production schedules are nothing short of miraculous. Her directing

work on the feature film Subconscious has been tireless and she has achieved so much from a small crew and

limited production budget. Only her dynamism and enthusiasm could have seen this through to completion. She is

also a very talented editor and 3d visual effects designer. I look forward to working with her again.”

— Peter Barry, Director, Green Shed Video (The Little Green Shed Ltd)


“If you are looking for anything Video/Film/Audio Post look no further than Georgia Hilton. Superior work and attention

detail are standard operating procedure. I highly recommend you consult with Georgia before starting any video/film

project as she can guide you from start to finish and give you the professional quality you seek.”

— James Cavanaugh, Event Coordinator, Producer


“Georgia is a smart, talented and remarkable business person- who happens to also be a gifted editor, Re-Recording

Engineer, mixer and sound designer- I do not hesitate recommending her for an instant….”

— Charles Maynes, Sound Designer / Historical consultant


“I have known Georgia since I worked with her in 2000. She is very talented, able to tackle almost any challenge and

although she is quite intelligent, her creative side enables her to look at the overall situation and to analyze it, often

times from a perspective that others had not thought of. If you have a very important project and need it to be “taken

care of”- Georgia is the one who I would count on – to get the job done right.”

— Keith Ginsberg, Director of Strategic Accounts, IBM


“Georgia is one of the most helpful and generous people in the business — to her clients, her colleagues, her

employees, to just about anyone in the business of audio. I had the chance to hire her and her facilities for 2 small

projects and she went the extra mile for us to help us create the best possible product. She made us sound better. I

have also talked to her on many other occasions where she has given me the benefit of her knowledge to help us

make a decision that fit our project at the time. On a few occasions I was more than happy to return the favor.

Georgia is good people.”

— Tom Hambleton, sound designer


“Georgia is — quite simply — a pleasure to work with. She possesses a unique combination of technical expertise,

creativity and absolute passion for her work. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Georgia was on the board of

CinewomenNY when I was co-president and her knowledge and willingness to help aspiring filmmakers was truly


— Chris Cavanagh, Co-President, Board Member, CineWomen NY


“Georgia Hilton is talented, efficient, detail oriented, and extremely knowledgable of modern production techniques

related to both audio and video. She is politically astute and works well in high pressure situations. Especially those

situations requiring a strong technical ability, firm guidance, and multicultural understanding.”

— Jay Spears, Digital Product Specialist, Euphonix, Inc


“Georgia’s knowledge of audio post production for film has been invaluable to me on more than one occasion. She

has been a great springboard for some thoughts and ideas as well. Above all, she always offers to help me out, even

when she’s in the midst of a mix! This speaks volumes of her passion for the industry and those she is acquainted

with. Her knowledge and passion are at the top echelon of our industry.”

— Jonathan S. Abrams, Chief Technical Engineer, Nutmeg Audio Post


“I need it done, no matter what the project, I just hand it over and it’s done. Georgia Hilton is a master of facilitation

and runs a team with military precision. Awesome, awesome, awesome.”

— Simon Mills, Producer


”Georgia is multitalented, creative, proficient with a keen eye for quality. She has a wonderful personality and a very

pleasant demeanor. She is certainly a joy to work with.”

— Luchia Dragosh, Producer/Director


“Georgia and her crew took on the massive job of creating a 5 channel surround sound action audio track for a video

we were producing for the Intrepid Museum. She did a superb job of taking our base track and then creating a full

blown surround sound track with new sounds and effects that made the theater rumble as the jets flew over the

screen. Over the years we’ve worked together on many other projects. I highly recommend Georgia.”

— David Calderwood, Producer / Director

“I am extraordinarily proud to recommend Georgia. She has an incredibly deep understanding of the technological

aspects of any multi-media effort coupled with an intense level of creativity. I found her communicative, thorough,

passionate, inventive, expressive, and yet, no bullshit. Georgia – that’s how you spell ‘relief.'”

— Jeffrey Weber, Producer / Director / Attorney


“I have had the pleasure of working with Georgia Hilton on many occasions over the past ten years. She is a

consummate professional with the ability to wear many hats during pre-production, production or post. Georgia brings

a comfort level to a project: you know that if something urgently needs technical or creative attention, she will be

instrumental in finding a solution. She has that rare combination of state of the art technical skills and understanding

tied to a creative, curious nature. Finally, she has a wicked sense of humor, always an asset in this business . . .”

— Hal Rifken, Owner, HM Rifken Productions


“Georgia and her people deliver great work at a reasonable price. She is extremely creative, finding ways to deliver a

great final result within the confines and limitations of a meager budget. She is a true professional.”

— Clem Turner, Producer/ Attorney

“Georgia Hilton is a consummate, considerate, professional, tops in her field; who goes out of here way to deliver the

best possible result; regardless of the amount of extra work and effort she and her staff may have to put in to achieve

the final, finished product.”

— Allen Boxer, Executive Producer


“Georgia represents the pinnacle in technical and creative knowledge, coupled with an excellent ear for aesthetics

and a tremendous willingness to act as a mentor within the community. Bar none, Georgia is among the top talent of

her profession, coast to coast, or world wide.”

— Brad McIlvaine, Film Professional


“Georgia is a brilliant engineer in every aspect of sound. My abilities as a producer and an executive are made

infinitely superior due to her involvement in my projects. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

— RJ Bucaria, Producer


“Georgia is a consummate professional and we consider her an expert resource for our own due diligence into any

aspect of post-production. It was an easy decision since her operations and industry knowledge were impressive and

commendable. Negotiations are always pleasant. She achieved every hurdle and milestone. I am happy to

recommend her highly.”

— Kim Bangash, Owner, Orchid Ventures


“What Georgia Hilton does not know about “post production” for film is not worth knowing. A true inspiration with an

intuitive head for business. Georgia is a perfectionist and her work in sound design and picture editing is reflected in

her work which is of “world class” standard.”

— Rebecca Lloyd, Composer