looking for film or project investment…. lets see if you are actually ready.

IYou have a great script, you think your a brilliant Writer/Director and you need money…          Yeah, ok….
Yes, there are a few investors out there, but most real investors don’t have time to spend on wanna be film producers that haven’t done their homework. If you DO have a great script, NAME director, a set of attached ( or pay/play deal) actors with real BOX OFFICE DRAW, and you have a track record of
delivering commercial films, oh, and you have all the paperwork squared away…you might get financing…but it will be through contacts mostly.
No one wants to “invest” in an unknown or if you prefer “up-and-coming” individual, team or company, unless they already know you and even then its hard. I’ve said it over and over… If you are getting started, or if you’ve not made any feature films… DO NOT waste your time chasing the DREAM…. Just DO THE DREAM. if you have a great script and you need $5M, $10M, $20M…. PUT IT BACK IN THE DRAWER… and write a shootable and deliverable $10K or $20K with locals, and friends, and begged favors -commercial- movie… get it distributed… even as a digital download, red box, or whatever… make it, sell it, and then do it again!… Make the next one a bit better…a bit stronger, a bit more expensive… then DO IT AGAIN!…. At some point in the timeline you will suddenly ( or not so suddenly ) find yourself following has occurred:
* you are now MARKETABLE

* you are now BANKABLE

* you are now a proven Producer or Director or writer or all of the above

* you know how to make a good movie cheap… and you have lots of contacts…

And now you can start chasing the $1M to $2M projects and do one of those…
and NOW —
You might have a real career running, and you might be able to get financing for that script you tucked in the drawer a couple years ago
and NOW….go chase those dreams!