How do you get a Pre-Sale deal for your first film?

you don’t …. you’re living in the past. If you have a decent budget, A-talent FORMALLY attached, an excellent Director with a financially successful track record, and a GREAT script… then… maybe… most likely they’ll just offer you a distribution deal with a truck load of caveats that need to be met to complete the deal.

Why should a distributor give you money? …Just because you “claim” you’re going to delivery a great film? …crap… Why in hell are first time indie filmmakers always feeling so damned entitled….
If you are a first time producer, and you REALLY believe in your project, then mortgage your house, take out a loan, use your retirement money to raise enough capital. Don’t want to? not ready to? afraid your project isn’t ready to do it with your money?
Then don’t ask someone ELSE to put money in. If you won’t why would someone else?

Get some money together to put together a solid producer package, attach a few A-listers, and land a real director. Then take those real attachments and your materials to real financial people, and real investors and convince them to invest. Why should a distributor chance their homes and business on your “promise” to deliver.

Otherwise start with a $10K or $20K feature project and work your way up over a few years and a few successes until you actually have a proven track record of making movies that make money. THEN you stand a chance of getting a pre-sales deal, because if you have a couple movies done that actually made some money, you are now marketable, and bankable…