Do you let your actors go “off script” ? Absolutely.

Do you let your actors go “off script” ? Absolutely. I certainly do, some of the best stuff happens off script… I am very picky about getting rehearsal time, and read throughs, and talking through the character but, I believe my actors are trained professionals and I believe in them. So I would be an idiot not to let then have a chance to play in character on set. I alway want my actors to have fun and go with it on a project when the cameras are rolling. The “rules” I do set down on set for my actors are: 1. The script is the starting point, not the end point. 2. Go to town and have fun with it. 3. I may ask you to do a take or two “on script” as a safety. 4. If you do go off and down a rat hole…please just do it like you mean it and do it quickly. ( IE: don’t take too much time to find your way back to the story line. ) …and the NUMBER ONE MOST IMPORTANT RULE for my actors: Look at each other, LISTEN to each other, REACT to each other…. DO NOT wait for your “line” just to deliver it. Look in the eyes of your co-cast members, and really listen to them, react to not only WHAT they say, but HOW they say it and the situation around you.