Experienced Director / Technical Director/Post Supervisor for Feature Films, Shorts and Broadcast projects including over 10 reality projects, many feature projects and multiple commercial projects. I have also worked extensively with period pieces, re-enactment  and period projects ranging up to over 100 on camera actors, trucks, tanks, aircraft, vehicles, ships, weapons, location VFX, and CGI Post VFX.

geo roof 11-30a vert 1

Opening Sequence from one of the features I’ve directed

Let me help you as your Director, Assistant Director, Co-Director, Technical Director, Consultant or Coach.

My latest film SOJOURN


Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 1.55.21 PM

Technical Directorial Services

  • Define and support the technological strategy on conjunction with the development team of each project: pipeline, tools, and key development procedures.
  • Technical risk and mitigation plan development and reviews
  • Evaluate development team, identifying strengths, problem areas, and developing plans for improving performance.
  • Evaluate and interview candidates for technical positions.
  • Support Scouts for and evaluates new technology and tools as opportunities for innovation and development excellence.
  • Oversee technical planning and  documentation process
  • Provide input to the other departments on the practicality of scenes and integration for post production services / planning
  • Help to identify high risk areas for the Director and Producers

Some of my Director Credits

SOJOURN – Director

US DEPT of JUSTICE Videos – Director

LAW DOGS feature – Director

ATTACK ON ASHVILLE feature – Director / Technical Director

SUBCONSCIOUS feature – Director / Technical Director

ASOCKALYPSE feature – Technical Director, Consulting AD

THE CHILD WITHIN Feature- Consulting Director for additional action sequence / Technical Director

RUN JAY RUN Short Subject – Director

MAMA Short Subject- Teaching/Consulting Director / Director

GLOW Feature- Director / Technical Director

OBEY Commercial – Technical Director

NYPD Videos – Director

MOUNTAIN FORCE Reality – Director / Tech Director

WCBSTV Eye On Reality (Taxi) – Director

WCBSTV Eye On Reality (UFO) – Director

WCBSTV Eye On Reality (Wreaking)  – Director

WCBSTV Eye On Reality (bus) – Director

WCBSTV Eye On Reality (Manhole) – Director

WCBSTV Eye On Reality (Piano) – Director

GEL CONFERENCE 2010 – Director

GEL CONFERENCE 2011 – Director


GEL CONFERENCE 2013 – Director

Museum of Modern Art Live webcast – Director

SUPER SELLERS Reality- Director

YOUR SO VAIN Carley Simon Music Video – Director

BAIL BOND QUEEN Reality- Director

ASOCKALYPSE Feature- Technical Director

SURVIVE Music Video – Director

Screenplay’s I’ve Written or Assisted

LAW DOGS – Feature (co-writer)

ATTACK ON ASHVILLE – Feature ( writer )

RUN JAY RUN – Short (writer)

NEW HAMPSHIRE DAZE – Feature (writer)

GLOW – Feature  (co-writer)

SUBCONSCIOUS – Feature (writer)

THE PARKING SPACE – Short (writer)

MAYDAY – Feature (writer)

MAN FROM VERONA – Feature (co-writer)

THE CHILD WITHIN – Feature (non-credited story consulting)

ASOCKALYPSE – Feature (non-credited story consulting)

HOLLYWOOD HIT – Feature (non-credited story consulting)

SHOOTING JOHNSON ROBELING (non-credited story consulting)

SURVIVE – Music Video (story development)

YOUR SO VAIN – Music Video (story development)

Need Some Story Boards, table read and an animatic, as well as, shot lists? I can help you create everything you need to prep for shooting. Here’s a couple shots of computer storyboards I created:


computer boards 2


board 1-2-3-4-5-6 - shooting scene


Here are some boards I created with various amazing storyboard artists:


board 4

304 304b - Cmdr writes in log book 311 - garmin weve been expecting you 313 - garmin tells about subs (redo board) 311 - GARMIN on phone medium 307 - GARMIN takes call (redo board) 309 - men in black on phone with garmin 308 - garmin says you're late 303 - est Lionfish tilt soht