CROWD FUNDING… not working for you? Maybe you need to read this.

So your going to try CROWD FUND your MOVIE PROJECT… You create an amazing writeup, you’ve shot a compelling video about you, your team, and your project, you’ve got some great graphics…how come no one is throwing money at you?

Take another look at that write up. Does it really sell the idea. Have you created a compelling TITLE? Does the Log Line sell it? Does the synopsis leave the reading with keen interest and a cliff hanger?
IF YES… GOTO 2, if not start re-writing.

Do the graphics look professional? do they really add to the quality of your overall package? Are they compelling and interesting? IF YES… GOTO 3, if not find a better graphics artist.

How’s the Video look? … What, no video? STOP – make a video. Projects with a video statically do much better than those that do not have a video. When you make your video, make sure it is well shot, well lit, and INTERESTING. It has to not only sell your project.. more importantly it has to SELL YOU!… Focus and make it unique and interesting, but again, statistics show that a profesional focused video will do better than silly and off-story. SO make that video and make it GREAT. You’re all set on the video… good. let’s move on.

What do you offer to all those wonderful people that will give you money? ….Nothing? NOPE.. Give them something in return.. give them participation in your project. Offer things like credits, set visits, parts as extras, anything… just get them involved. Second best? – copies and signed scripts, DVDs, exclusive access to information, updates, dailies, and behind the scenens footage.

All set? HIT THE ENTER BUTTON! NOW you post all of this and ask for money, and wait. A few days go by, nothing… how come? This is why…

You might have following all my advice, but if no one knows your project exists, no one will be able to give you money. Creating the CROWD FUNDING material and posting is just STEP ONE. Now you have to get people to go look at your stuff. If they don’t know it exists, they can’t give you money. I can’t say this enough. … If they don’t know your project exists, they can’t give you money.

You now need to hit the proverbial bricks… Social media, Facebook, Tweet, websites, blogs, text your friends to text their friends, create Meet-ups and tell people about your project, Post your video on Vimeo, You-tube… get your message out there as if you were running for President of the United States… Create Flyers, post on all your blogs, get your team and your family and your friends and all of their friends to share information and posts… Get out there EVERY DAY UNTIL YOU REACH YOUR GOAL. And every time you get another dollar, sned out those thank you’s publicly. EVERY DAY. EVERY DAY….

If they don’t know your project exists, they can’t give you money.

cheers and get your message out! geo