Considering NAME talent for your movie project ?

Need “NAME” talent… Real BOX OFFICE Draw talent? First, make sure you have a track record that can be verified. Second, make sure you have funding in place that can be verified. Third. Make sure you are ready with a packet to send out and you have the answers ready to the agents questions. Film info, Role, planned shooting dates, number of days required, project budget, script ready for review, other attachments… When you are ready call SAG at Phone 323-954-1600 in LA, or 212-944-1030 in NY. Ask for REPRESENTATION. Give the person the name of the individual you would like to speak with. They will give you the agents name and phone number. You can also sign up to IMDB Pro , you’ll find a lot of contact information there. Now that you know how easy it is to get agent information, can you really afford these folk? Do you really need them ? If your budget is less than $500K i’d suggest you do not have enough money to hire anyone big enough to make a difference in your films sales potential. IF you have less than $1M, you probably can’t afford any of the really big actors, but you might be able to get a lower level well know actor, but, when it comes to sorting out who might be valuable to you as a sales tool, you have to really look at the potential box office draw or sales draw that the person can deliver AND your costs associated with hiring them. Remember, their paycheck is just the beginning. You may find yourself dealing with first class travel, limos or at least a car with a driver, first class hotel accommodations, personal assistants, personal makeup, the proverbial “red M&Ms ” syndrome and much more. You also need to understand the use of SAG and how they will OWN your movie and it’s revenue if you do a SAG film. So keep in mind all the issues and add up all the costs before you decide to go SAG and hire a NAME.